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Vanessa Deen

While many financial advisers focus on showcasing their qualifications, for me, it's about my "why". For me, this industry isn't just a career path, it's a way to continue my family's legacy of hard work and dedication. My father and brother have been my guiding lights, and I'm driven by a desire to honor their support and contribute to our shared goals and dreams.

Engaging with people, helping them navigate through financial challenges, and witnessing their successes are my driving forces. I firmly believe everyone deserves access to sound financial advice, especially in complex areas like pensions, investments, and taxation. These can be overwhelming for most, but I find great satisfaction in simplifying these matters for my clients, empowering them with knowledge, and providing practical solutions.

Ethical Standards

Ethical standards are non-negotiable for me. I am committed to ensuring every client receives the best advice and guidance tailored to their needs. If I see an opportunity to improve someone's financial well-being, I jump at it with enthusiasm and compassion.

Ultimately, what I cherish most is making a positive impact on my clients' lives. Whether it's helping them navigate financial challenges or setting them on a path to financial freedom, their well-being is at the heart of everything I do.

More About me

If you want to know more about me, please read on.

I studied interior architecture at Middlesex University and later transitioned to a career in financial services, where I have thrived. I began as a paraplanner, systems networker, and marketer, and have since pursued and obtained qualifications including the CeFA, Protection Only Adviser, Will Writer, Estate Planner and DipFa. This journey has empowered me to provide a diverse range of holistic financial services, covering various aspects of clients' financial well-being.

I furthered my career by qualifying as a Level 4 DipFa Financial Planner, enabling me to provide comprehensive financial advice across various domains including pensions, savings, investments, tax-planning. My approach to financial services is deeply rooted in my family's ethical philosophy, treating every client with the same respect and care that we ourselves would want.

As the financial industry continues to evolve, I have continuously upgraded my skills and expertise, recently earning the designation of a Chartered Financial Planner. This advanced qualification has enabled me to provide even more comprehensive and specialized financial advice to my clients.

I am an accredited member of New Leaf Distribution, and I am excited to continue building my career within Deen Financial Services, working alongside my family and other like-minded individuals. Our collective mission is to empower our clients to live happier, less financially pressured lives.

We have 100% file checks which guarantees all our advice given, which puts clients mind at ease.

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New leaf Accredited Member

Managing Investments

Income is a priority. I want to make sure my investments are generating as much as possible. I need my investments and income to keep up with inflation in both the short and long term.

Inheritance Tax Mitigation

It's important to make sure you aren't paying more tax than you need to. Taxation can be very complicated and the rules, reliefs and allowances often change. This is where we can advise you.

Pensions and Retirement

I need some good mortgage advice when considering which mortgage is best for me. I would like someone to explain the various interest rate options that are most likely to suit my needs.

Family Protection

I would like to secure my family's financial future and pass on any of my remaining wealth. I need help with protecting my assets whilst still leaving provision for a comfortable retirement.